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Check Guide

The Check concept is a part of the Validation API. You can create a custom Check to be used as part of resource or package validation.

Check Example#

from frictionless import Check, errors
class duplicate_row(Check):
code = "duplicate-row"
Errors = [errors.DuplicateRowError]
def __init__(self, descriptor=None):
self.__memory = {}
def validate_row(self, row):
text = ",".join(map(str, row.values()))
hash = hashlib.sha256(text.encode("utf-8")).hexdigest()
match = self.__memory.get(hash)
if match:
note = 'the same as row at position "%s"' % match
yield errors.DuplicateRowError.from_row(row, note=note)
self.__memory[hash] = row.row_position
# Metadata
metadata_profile = { # type: ignore
"type": "object",
"properties": {},

It's usuall to create a custom Error along side with a Custom Check.