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Frictionless is a logical continuation of many existing packages created for Frictionless Data as though datapackage or tableschema. Although, most of these packages will be supported going forward, you can migrate to Frictionless, which is Python 3.6+, as it improves many aspects of working with data and metadata. This document also covers migration from one framework's version to another.

From v3 to v4#

Version 3 of the Frictionless Framework was experimental/unstable and active for 6 months. We improved the framework dramatically during this period of time including various minor API changes and one major API change - Table class has been merged into the Resource class. Please read the updated documentation to migrate to version 4:

From dataflows#

Frictionless Framework provides the frictionless transform function for data transformation. It can be used to migrate from dataflows or datapackage-pipelines:

From goodtables#

Frictionless Framework provides the frictionless validate function which is in high-level exactly the same as goodtables validate. Also frictionless describe is an improved version of goodtables init. You instead need to use the frictionless command instead of the goodtables command:

From datapackage#

Frictionless Framework has Package and Resource classes which is almost the same as datapackage has:

From tableschema#

Frictionless Framework has Schema and Field classes which is almost the same as tableschema has:

From tabulator#

Frictionless has Resource class which is an equivalent of the tabulator's Stream class: