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Multipart Tutorial

This functionality requires an experimental multipart plugin. Read More

You can read and write files split into chunks with Frictionless.

Reading Data#

You can read using Package/Resource, for example:

from pprint import pprint
from frictionless import Resource
resource = Resource(path=['data/chunk1.csv', 'data/chunk2.csv'])
[{'id': 1, 'name': 'english'}, {'id': 2, 'name': '中国人'}]

Writing Data#

A similiar approach can be used for writing:

from frictionless import Resource
resource = Resource(path='data/table.json')
resource.write('tmp/table{number}.json', scheme="multipart", control={"chunkSize": 1000000})

Configuring Data#

There is a Control to configure how Frictionless reads files using this scheme. For example:

from frictionless import Resource
from frictionless.plugins.multipart import MultipartControl
control = MultipartControl(chunk_size=1000000)
resource = Resource(data=[['id', 'name'], [1, 'english'], [2, 'german']])
resource.write('tmp/table{number}.json', scheme="multipart", control=control)